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Friday, April 23, 2004


My regular end of the week posts are up. Lots of news and 'Spoiling the Illusion' in the Puroresu page for you all to check out.
I've also put up a fun post in the Metal section where I posted the results of Revolver magazine's reader's survey poll, which is a total contrast to what the editor's picks were previously. The People have spoken!!!

On the heels of the beach volleyball craze and the follow up to Outlaw Golf! But unlike DOA Extreme Beach Volleyball, this game emphasizes the volleyball portion of the game more than the T&A. Well, maybe not…
Some of the colorful characters from Outlaw Golf make their return here, Killer, Ice Trey, Harley, El Suave and Summer to name a few. Like Golf, you start off with four characters and have to play through the game to unlock the rest of the zany (and scantily clad) cast.
Graphics are good on the eye-candy. The backgrounds are OK, but it’s the characters that are the main selling point of the game (wink wink). All the characters have their own trademarks, but I’m not sure about the coding in the game. For example, I’m don’t think it was intentional, but some of the cast are prone to ‘clothing malfunction’ (i.e Natasha). I’ll bet that last sentence alone will sell a few hundred more units…
The in-game music is pretty good as they’ve used actual licensed songs ranging from punk to rap. You also get to hear your players bark orders to each other and the announcer from Outlaw Golf is back, but he’s more redundant here than ever!
The gameplay is real easy to pick up and learn. You control one character while the CPU controls your partner. Not really a bad thing, but at times you get frustrated at your CPU controlled partner as when he has a complete opening to score, will instead hit the ball rignt into the opponents waiting hands! And it can get annoying when the opponents constantly pass the ball back to your CPU partner instead of you so you can’t set up a point winning shot and are left to rely to your partner. About 90% of the time you lose can be squarely pinned on your CPU partner!
You also get special shots, but their totally useless as they can be blocked and returned without any difficulty. And expect some lengthy exchanges as you fight for points.
Overall, this game gives you hot babes, good graphics (looking at hot babes), OK gameplay (playing as hot babes), OK music and sounds (listening to the hot babes shout), and oh yeah, let’s not forget the hot babes. No bones about it, this game is 90% eye candy.
Graphics – 7
Sound – 7
Gameplay – 6
Lifespan – 7
Overall – 7

OK, this is the end of my first special video game feature. I'll admit there weren't alot of plusses here, but coming soon: EXTREME SURVIVAL HORROR WEEK!


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