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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Not My 50th First Date...

I missed WWE RAW last night so no RAW report this week eventhough I'll catch the replay tonight. I went out with my girlfriend Trish last night and we went to the Star Cineplex to watch the Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore movie, 50 First Dates. This was a really fun movie to watch and I don't regret missing RAW over it either.

Anyways, Trish has got me on a dietary suppliment and Vitamin C tablets to help me lose some unwanted weight. Problem is, I seem to be more hungry after taking it! Oh well. Hopefully, my Extreme will power will help overcome my craving for sustinance. She's become a real health nut since she started working at a pharmacy.

Another deadline and Japantapes.com has delayed it's reopening again! Another weeks delay till 5/4/04. Hopefully the guy gets his sh*t together and fixes whatever is wrong. If things get this f***ed cause he took one vacation, what's gonna happen when he closes for two months to move to his new place?!? Can we say 'Closed Indefinately'?


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