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Sunday, May 09, 2004

Happy Mom's Day!

Loads of updates today! HUSTLE-3 results and the latest Spoiling the Illusion is up, a tape review of All Japan's October Giant Series 1994, and the return of Slipknot as I take a look at their new video, Duality!

The past few days have been kinda fun compared to last weekend. The return of two of my favorite shows to Star World, Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Thursday, spent some time with Trish on Friday evening, and last night having a good laugh watching Undercover Brother on HBO followed by Knight of Gamblers on Satelite TV.

Today is Mother's Day. I didn't do much but wish my mom Happy Mother's Day. Then my sister in law Donna and my nephew Zach and my newborn niece Angel came over to say hi to mom. I did think it was kind weird that Zack gave my mom a red rose, but in his other hand was holding a toy gun. Dez, what's with that kid of yours?

More good news for Puroresu fans, I'll be sending out an order for some Puroresu shows tomorrow from BlueThunderTapes to test order from them. Expect it to arrive in a few weeks along with another order I've made from WrestleHolicsVideos.


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