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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Skipped RAW to hunt Vampires

OK, I know RAW was a must see show this week with five big matches on the card, but unfortunately I had to pass on it to go out with Trish. I’ll catch the replay tonight and post my thoughts tomorrow morning, but I did post some Puroresu news.

So anyways, Trish had two complementary tickets to watch any movie at the Star Cineplex at Bintang Plaza. But the tickets aren’t valid for movies marked as ‘No Free List’. Problem is that other than Taking Lives which we had already watched, everything else was listed as No Free List! What the heck? And the tickets expire this Saturday. So we just took the chance and will wait for later in the week to use the tickets hoping that something would be dropped from the No Free List set of movies.

We decided to pay to watch a movie and picked the new Hugh Jackman movie ‘Van Helsing’. Trish got a discount on her ticket since it was Ladies night. The movie itself was great with lots of action scenes, special effects and CGI. I liked the way they meshed together several classic monster movie storylines (Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman) into this movie, kinda like the way all the characters were brought together in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Dracula was a way cool heel in this movie, he kinda reminded me of Casanova Frankenstein from the Mystery Men movie at times. Maybe it’s the Transylvanian accent?
The only complaint I would have is the explanation at the end for how to kill Dracula, which I won’t spoil here, but I bet will raise a few eyebrows for those who follow vampire movies. I did like the original twist as to why He has no reflection though. I also notice Van Helsing has a tendency to no sell a lot of the punishment inflicted on him. He might look a bit like him, but he’s not the Undertaker for crying out loud! The storyline also does seem a bit rushed at times too.
I still highly recommend watching this movie as its great fun the whole way through!


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