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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Eugene main events RAW!

Yup! Eugene had his first main event on WWE RAW this week! Read the report for the show. I've also posted some NOAH and All Japan news. I also forgot to mention it the other day, but I posted a review of the first ULTIMATE CRUSH, since it was my birthday and the event took place on the same month a year ago.

Jackal's a Jackass
My buddy TenzanTeam2K alerted me to a letter written in the STAR newspaper on Monday by one "Jackal" in the weekly Grunt 'N' Groan column. In it, the Jackal bashed Chris Benoit for beating HHH and HBK for the world title at WrestleMania XX and retaining it at the rematch at Backlash. He claims to be a huge HBK fan (mark) just beacause of HBK's fag like dancing intro. All I gots to say about that is, "Dude! How many WEEKS have you been a wrestling fan?" It's obvious you have NO sense of wrestling history if you think HBK or HHH deserve to be champion now more than Benoit. TT2K already said enough about why he thinks your a Jackass instead of a Jackal. I just want to add it's an insult to Don Callis you would want to steal his old WWF/E gimmick and not even show a shred of the intelligence he had while he was under it.

Someone beat me to the punch
While looking around a VCD store yesterday, I came upon a KoRn videography VCD! That was my idea to compile one! Oh well, at least it saves me the time and trouble of downloading the videos off the net.

I ain't no gardener!
My parents will be taking a long vacation starting this weekend where they'll be going to Genting Highlands, and then to Hong Kong! Did they ask me to go with them? Yes. Then they figured out they couldn't find anyone to look after the dumb plants in the garden and feed the dog! I don't mind looking after my Dudley Dawg, Spike, but I HATE LOOKING AFTER PLANTS! I already warned them in advance I will not be responsible if the plants wither and croak while under my watch. Geez. They forget my birthday, and this is what I get as consolation?


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