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Friday, May 21, 2004

False hopes and alot of annoyance

The past two days I've been on an roller coaster ride as far as my mood's been concerned. Yesterday I woken up rather rudely by the loud banging noise of contracted workers doing work on the back gate pillars. Great. MORE renovations. Then I receive a letter in the mail saying my Streamyx line is ready and I'm thinking, 'Whoopee! I don't have to wait for that idiot from Telekom to come, I can do it myself!'. So I spend the afternoon installing my ADSL USB modem by myself and even calling up the TM Net hotline to get step by step installation instructions. So everything was setup but I still couldn't connect to the net. The guy on the hotline asked me to contact the Sarawak branch to check if the line was active. It took forever for me to finally get through and the women on the other end asks me to hold while she checks the line. Wouldn't you know she HUNG UP ON ME?!? Getting on my nerves, I try several times again before finally getting through and the bitch at the other end says they can't activate my line 'till the contracted personal comes over to my place to do everything I've already done as far as installation is concerned! And only when that bozo gets here can they activate my Stramyx line! Pop goes a vein in my head.

This morning I was rudely woken again this time by POWER TOOLS at an even EARLIER time than yesterday! I also didn't appreciate the workers using the hood of my car as a spot to park their bags. Then I receive a invoice in the mail, My G1 CLIMAX TAPES HAVE ARRIVED! YES! I also then receive a call from Imperial Mall, the latest issue of Revolver magazine has arrived! Double whoop! So this afternoon I go get my mag (which I've posted some highlights on in the Metal section) and tapes. As soon as I get back, I grab a cold root beer and pop vol.1 of the G1 Climax into my VCR. All goes well untill HORROR OF HORRORS! THE AUDIO IS OUT OF SYNC! ALL THREE TAPES WOULD HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM! WHAT THE HELL?!? I immediately go online and emailed Alfredo Esparza of Wrestleholicsvideos to complain and hopefully I can get replacements, unless his master copy has the same problem, to which case I'm screwed.

So to all my loyal Puroresu VCD customers who have been asking when the G-1 Climax would be available, I'm sorry to say your just gonna have to wait a little longer. Unless you don't mind watching a show were you get to hear what happens before it actually does.

The only positive news I have to announce is that if all goes well, tomorrow I will officially open my new web-site where I'll officially be selling VCDs online! I'll post the address here tomorrow so all of you can drop by and check it out. Let me know if I'm a good web-builder, ok? Till then, the clock's ticking...


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