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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

MIRC mystery...

Weird thing happened today as I left the PC on overnight to download some music videos or MIRC, since I had to wait in line for my turn to download and switching off would lose my place in line. Prob is this morning I check the PC and my downloads were complete, but I couldn't find the videos anywhere! What the heck?!? I even ran a search through the whole PC and couldn't find them! Talk about wasted effort!
So I give my PC a rest for the whole day, but when I finally start it up this evening, I had some serious problems with my anti-virus program that I had to re-install it several times before it finally worked properly. The whole thing took almost THREE HOURS to get working.

Anyways, I didn't watch WWE RAW last night because it was pre-empted for a live telecast of the French Tennis Open, which only ended around 2.30AM, but just in time for a LIVE FOOTBALL broadcast! Geez. So I don't have a report up today, but from what I've read on the net, it wasn't that good of a show. Heck, we all knew the streak of good shows had to end sooner or later. I posted some random puroresu news though.
Also posted some music video reviews. I've had a much easier time getting videos ever since my Streamyx got hooked up!


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