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Saturday, June 05, 2004

Kickin' off the weekend with Slipknot

My parents came back from their week long excursion to Genting Highlands and Hong Kong today. Unfortunately they couln't find any of the heavy metal CDs I asked them to look for in Hong Kong, So I had to go get Slipknot's new album, Vol.3 (The Subliminal Verses) by myself today as it suprisingly was available locally, and it totally kicks ass! I posted a review of the CD in my Metal blog for those of you curious to what it sounds like. Also posted my latest Spoiling the Illusion column in the Puroresu blog, so check it out.
I also got my hands on the latest PS2 installment of the Super Robot Wars series, Super Robot Wars MX. Problem is I haven't even finished the previous two SRW games yet XP And on top of that I still have a load of Survival Horror games to finish. I do have one game review for you guys, though I originally completed the game about a month ago!

PS2 Game Review
Ghost In The Shell – Stand Alone Complex

I’ve watched the original Ghost in the Shell anime, but I’ve never watched the Stand Alone Complex series. From what I can tell, the SAC series is an extension of the OVA, but minus the nude scenes I think.
The game follows the two main characters of the series, Makoto and Batou through a series of missions. Like I mentioned previously, I haven’t watched the series so I don’t know if the game is connected to it. The game plays like your standard stealth action game, but with more action then stealth as there really aren’t any penalties for getting spotted other than being fired upon heavily. Most of the missions require you to just run around, find switches and shoot anything that moves.
Graphics are pretty good with a few nice cut scenes thrown in every here and there. It’s nothing really spectacular though, same goes for the sound. The controls do need some getting used to, unless it’s been used before in other games I haven’t played yet. You can run, jump, duck, climb, as well as pull of a few nice acrobatic jumps to get up to higher platforms. One cool ability you have is to ‘hack’ into certain guards after you kill similar looking ones and read their program. Hacking and taking control of enemy units helps to clear certain areas of enemies, or get close and take out snipers who would kill you on sight. There are several boss battles, but none of which are really too difficult to figure out how to beat once you know the patterns. Other game modes include online play (for what, I’m not sure) as well as a four-player death match survival mode where you and three friends play as several of the main characters in the game ‘till only one is left standing. There are also unlockable stages
The main complaint I have with the game is that it’s too short. I originally completed it in just TWO DAYS on the normal difficulty setting! I seriously recommend immediately going to the hardest difficulty setting the first time you play to get the most out of it as there are infinite continues available from the start, and it doesn’t take too long to figure out the games patterns and puzzles even though it’s in Japanese.
Graphics – 7
Sound – 6
Gameplay – 6
Lifespan – 6
Overall – 6


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