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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Badd Blood is coming

Posted this week's RAW report as they head towards this Sunday's Badd Blood pay per view. OK show, but they could have then alot better given the time they usually have to build matches. And I'm leaning more to the mid-card instead of just the main events. Fans want to buy a PPV for the overall product, and not just for the main event which they could probably just download off the net later if the undercard sucks on paper. Check back later this week for my Badd Blood predictions.
I've also posted a rant on one John Bradshaw Leyfield. Many of you know I'm a big Bradshaw fan, but his actions on a recent tour of Germany were just inexcusable. What did he do? Read the rant to find out as well as the backlash of his actions.


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