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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Finally, Puroresu on ASTRO....sorta

STAR Focus Asia on Star World did a short story on Joshi Puroresu (Women's Pro-Wrestling) in Japan this evening. The focus mostly on an independant show ran by Nanae Takahashi, and featured some shots of herself, Amazing Kong, Sasori, Dump Matsumoto and a few others who's names I missed.
It was basically about how tough Joshi Puro is and why some fans find it more interesting than their male counterparts. Funny advice from Takahashi when she said the guys need to work on their screaming in ring to help sell the match. Hehe. Still a fun, but short, segment. Hopefully they'll be somekind of follow up in the future.

House-sitting for one week and this is what I get?
Geez. I look after the house for nine days, feeding the pets and watering the plants among other chores, and all my parents could get for me from Hong Kong was a glow in the dark koala bear hand rest for my PC mouse? Thanks a lot!

This afternoon me and Trish went out and saw the doomsday movie The Day After Tomorrow starring Dennis Quad of Dragon Heart fame. This was one freakingly believable movie and I bet more than a few viewers would be left a bit paranoid after watching it. I strongly recommend checking it out. Next week: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban! No, seriously, we're going to watch it...

Prior to the movie, we went around Bintang Plaza as Trish was looking for a pair of boots since there were Gawai sales going on everywhere. We went to several stores that had the boots she was looking for, but unfortunately none of them had her shoe size. Oh well, better luck next holiday sale.


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