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Friday, June 11, 2004

No Power, New Tapes and Free Gaming!

Yesterday there was a big power outage for most of the day. But the good news was that the new puroresu tapes I ordered from BlueThunderVideo finally came! I've already added them to my site and I'll have reviews of both shows up soon.
Anyways, with the power outage, I decided to go hang at the arcades for the afternoon before going to collect the tapes from the post office. Luck would be on myside as for some reason, there were several games with tokens already in them! I got to play a free game of King Of Fighters 2001, 3 free games of Super Puzzle Fighter X! I did pay for a few games though. I went head to head against other players at King of Fighters 2002 and ended up with a win/loss record of 3-10!!! The arcade at Boulevard has improved alot in the past few weeks. Firstly, they've expanded to almost TRIPLE in size, and they got a TON of games now. But only ONE machine with KOF2002, so you can imagine the line of gamers waiting for their shot at it. They have several KOF2003 games, but everyone prefers the 2002 edition.
Anyways, at 3PM I head to the post office to get my tapes, and when I get home at about 3:30pm, and the power STILL wasn't on yet! Luckilly the power did come back on just 15 minutes later! I tested the tapes and both worked OK, but I still haven't gotten around to watching them yet. Interesting day overall though.


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