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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Showdown: Legends Of Wrestling = S.L.O.W

Ok, so the latest in Acclaim's Legends of Wrestling game series isn't really slow, but that's what I noticed the acronym spelled out. Just bought the game this afternoon, and my first impression of the game? The very FIRST match I played I pit Andre the Giant in a battle royal against the One Man Gang, Big John Studd and Bam Bam Bigelow. As soon as the bell rang, OMG walked INTO Big John and the game FROZE!!! I heard the game was glitchy, but this is ridiculous!
The controls do take a bit of getting used to, but the glitches don't make things run as smooth as they should. Acclaim really should have spent more time refining the game before releasing it.

While on the topic of video games, I also just started playing Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow this morning and am really into it, even more than the original which I got bored of playing halfway through the beginning and never continued. There is a high degree of difficulty here though, so don't expect to finish it anytime soon.

I'm also playing ObsCure, a German survival horror game. Problem is, the whole game is in German! The text and voice acting are all in German, so it's not as easy to solve some puzzles. The game itself borrows the gameplay of Resident Evil: Outbreak and the storyline from Silent Hill. A teenager goes missing in a school and you play as a group of his friends trying to find him and discover a horrible secret about the school in the process. You get to play as two characters at once, one watching your back as you tend to things like puzzle solving. A nice touch is that when the player you control dies, you automatically take control of whoever is left alive so you don't game over easilly!

I'm also playing Driv3r. I never finished the 2nd game on PSOne. But this one is fun. The only complaint I have so far is the awkward controls for the on foot missions. I'll have proper reviews of all these games up soon.

Whale of a Tale
Something disturbing I saw on the satellite TV this afternoon. Appearantly in Indonesia, a GIANT whale shark got washed onto the beach. So what do the villagers who found it do? Drag it into town and leave it to rot as they use it as a sideshow attraction to raise funds to build a new mosque! WTF?!? This is just ridiculous and I'm sure is ILLEGAL in some parts of the world. Not to diss their religion or beliefs, but I in no way agree with sacrificing one of God's great creatures just to build a monument to Him.


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