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Monday, June 28, 2004

America gets Bashed by WWE

The results for WWE's Great American Bash PPV are up. It was an ok show featuring an awesome cruiserweight title match, a showcase of the new talent (not all good), and a few suprises at the end of the show. My predictions for the show were 4-4-0, bringing the total for the year now to 34-19-3. Next WWE PPV is RAW's Vengeance in about 2 weeks.

My weekend was simple. Fetched Trish from work on Saturday evening and went to Pizza Hut for dinner at Bintang Plaza before we came back to my place to watch Criss Angel: Supernatural on Star World. Interesting show and I think Criss Angel is the coolest magician I've seen since David Blaine. I've always had a fascination for close up magic and some of the stuff Angel pulled off were truly mind bogling. It was also interesting that he liked dressing up like The Crow for his stage performances.

Sunday was even less spectacular. Just picked Trish up from work since she was only working half day, then we went looking around for blank CD-Rs and CD casings as I had to burn some VCDs. After I sent Trish home, I came home and spent the rest of the afternoon (and most of the night) ripping the new NJPW shows I received the other day.

Speaking of Puroresu shows, I've posted a short review of the King of IWGP Tournament show. It was a pretty good show, and the spots were Chono and Nagata were injured were interesting to catch.


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