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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Road Trip coming up!

Ain't that one of the coolest logos ever?
Anyways, I'll be going out of town on Saturday, driving to Bintulu for my big NIOSH exam. My exam is actually on Tuesday, but I'm getting a headstart to familiarise myself with the roads there.
Right now, I've updated my thoughts on this week's WWE RAW and a small news bit. But before I leave on Saturday, expect my Spoiling the Illusion column to be up.
Anyone thinking to order puroresu vcds/tapes just e-mail and I'll get to processing them when I get back on Thursday.
I am bummed out though that I'm gonna miss Criss Angel's Mindfreak TV special on Star World this Saturday, as the hotel I'll be staying most probably won't have ASTRO. I'm also gonna miss WWE RAW and all the other good shows. Dang.

WWE Stars on X-Play
I don't know how backdated this is, but today's episode of X-Play on Tech TV they went to WWE video gaming event where a handful of WWE stars took part in a WWE SmackDown: Here Comes The Pain video game tournament for charity at Planet Hollywood. Shelton Benjamin was the winner beating Kane in the finals. Adam Sessler interviewed Kane who was VERY out of character as he pointed out how he's gotten used to playing with a standard PS2 controller despite his big hands, which freaked out Sessler a bit. Sessler also interviewed Trish Stratus, The Hurricane, Steven Richards, A-Train and Matt Morgan (who referred to himself as "The Blueprint" here).
Sessler even plugged an idea he had for a finisher, where he would just sit on his opponents head and whine until they tap out! A-Train asked nicely NOT for him to demonstrate it and Richards agrees that his whinning would be enough to make someone tap. Hehe. Suprised that they didn't interview Sheldon Benjamin who won the damn thing, or Rey Mysterio who was there.

Prior to the WWE segment, X-Play previewed the new Legends of Wrestling game, which looked REALLY good and I might even consider getting it since I didn't get the previous two installments. There are 70+ wrestlers in the game! And if the gameplay has been improved over the previous game, then I definately won't miss out on it.


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