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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Shocking News

Another reason I got the best girlfriend in the world: Trish bought me a stun gun today! Yup, an electric cattle prod (or taser) for self defence, not that I really need one for it. She knew I was looking for one for awhile and jumped the gun (no pun intended) to get it when she saw one on sale. Thanks, girl! I love ya!
But don't all of you get the wrong idea. I don't intend to go shocking everyone that pisses me off or anything just for kicks. I haven't even charged it yet. I don't even really think I would use it on anyone unless I absolutely have to, and if it's on me at the time. In the mean time, it also doubles as a flashlight, so that's probably what I'll use it for.

On that note, I've posted my predictions for tomorrow's WWE Vengeance PPV. I'm not really expecting much due to the poor build-up, but at least some of the matches should be entertaining.


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