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Saturday, July 24, 2004

And off it goes again

Just as I expected, the return of the puroresu channel (Z-Channel) was only temporary as it just got scrambled again last night. Guess they're testing the pay TV feed but before going with it full time.

Just got back from watching the new sci-fi thriller I, Robot. Unfortunately, from the very first scene at the beginning, I could predict how the rest of it was gonna turn out. There were only a few small swerves, but I guess anyone could tell what was gonna happen. This was basically one of those movies where there's only one guy thinking logically, whereas everyone else thinks he's paranoid or just crazy because of it untill it's too late. Let's hear it for logical thought! So, go see this movie if you think the ads make it look big. But eventhough it beat Spider-Man-2 off the number 1 slot in the US box office, the story seriously just pales in comparison for me.

On the other hand, catching the trailers for the new Alien VS Predator and Resident Evil: Apocalypse movies looked really good! Talk of the Alien VS Predator movie has been going on possibilly longer than the Jason VS Freddy movie, and it's finally coming out! Resident Evil on the other hand looks to definately outdo the original which bombed big time. This would be because they're finally going the route of the video game as the storyline looks to be based on the 3rd RE game, Nemesis. And the Nemesis himself is in the movie!
Two other movies I also hold anticipation for are The Bourne Supremacy, which I thought the first was just awesome, and the new M. Night Shyamalan movie, The Village. For those of you who know Shyamalan's previous work (The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs), you probably already know what to expect from one his always thought provoking movies.


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