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Thursday, July 22, 2004

And it returns???

Weird as it sounds after ranting off about losing the puroresu channel, it suddenly comes back! Hope it's not temporary.

Finally had my PC fixed today too. Hopefully again there won't be any more bugs in the system. HOWEVER... When I got home with da PC and set it up, it WOULDN'T start up! The power button was busted for some reason! After dinner, immediately sent it back to the shop and the guy re-wired it so now my restart button is the power button. Whatever works I guess. Gotta get a new casing sooner or later.

After recent successfull outings at King Of Fighters 2002, I was brought back down to earth today by another elite player. I introduced everyone to Ramon's Force of Will move which I just learned, and he introduced everyone to a new cheap tactic with Clark! Mark my words! Like I've done in the past, I will find a way to beat you!


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