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Friday, August 06, 2004

Here's one for Uncle Joe.

When I got back home for lunch today, my mom told me the news that my Godfather, known to everyone as Uncle Joe had passed away and that we'd be attending a service at his place this evening. Personally, I haven't seen the guy in probably over a decade, but news of his passing was a bit of a shock, as well as the circumstances surrounding his passing. From what I've gathered, ever the church buff that he was, Uncle Joe was with a group of church volunteers up at Canada Hill (a local landmark) cleaning a statue of Mother Mary when he suddenly just collapsed, possibilly from a stroke, and never woke up till he passed on just yesterday. He was said to have hit his face on the ground pretty hard and a big scare was visible too, though I personally haven't seen the body. So he lived for the church which he loved and was taken during his time of service for the church.
I'm definately not the most religious person in the world, but I still respect the guy. During the ceremony this evening, everything the preacher mentioned about Uncle Joe's life was indeed true to each word; a deeply believer in his faith, with an unforgetable smile. He was probably one of the most devoted church goers I ever knew.
So here's one for you Uncle Joe. Rest in Peace.

Who's the real Ramon?
Everyone in the arcade here knows I am THE MASTER of Ramon in KOF2002. So it kinda shocked me when one of my rivals actually dared to use Ramon in my presence! So what do I do? Use Ramon myself and proceed to whoop his wannabe ass! Sure he could combo a super with Ramon's Sobat combo, but his Ramon was NO MATCH for mine! And as I beat him I exclaimed, "Honto no Ramon-wa, Dare-desu?!? (Who's the REAL Ramon?!?)". I'll tell ya who, ME! And I dare anyone to try and challenge me with him! My two victories by the way were dedicated to the memory of my Godfather, Uncle Joe.

Also, for your reading pleasure, I've posted a puroresu tape review for the FMW Brain Buster 12/13/98 PPV. And two new shows have been added to my VCD site.


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