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Sunday, August 01, 2004

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good
I bought a new model gun the other day. I don't know the name of the gun-type, but it's a scale model of an old western 8-shooter. It fires rubber bullets that don't really hurt, but the mechanics of how the triggering mechanism works are like the real thing! As realistic as it looks, I still wouldn't recommend using it to hold up a bank or anything though.

The Bad
The big story this past few weeks in my town was the helicopter crash that killed 7 persons including one VIP to the local Iban community, Dr. Judson. It took 17 days for a search team of over 1000 personnel to search a wide stretch of jungle area with all manner of search equipment before another helicopter pilot spotted the wreckage with his BARE EYES as he was transporting more military troops to help in the search. Now I'm not putting this in the bad section cause 7 men lost their lives, but because Datuk Dr. George Chan is getting a medal for "leading" the search party! Why they should give him the highest honors when all he did was sit around in his office all day and giving press conferences and the occasional roundings while others were out in the torrid jungle environments risking their own lives to find 7 missing persons (who all probably died on impact) is beyond me. Heck, he was about to announce the calling off of the search before he was informed of sighting of the wrecakge!

The Ugly
Trish is my girlfriend and I love her with all my heart, but for some reason she's suddenly getting on my case saying I don't save enough and she's starting to push for the big M (marriage). All I can say is that you never seem to complain when most of what I spend my cash on is US when we go out. But I'm willing to compromise and will indeed cut down my expenses some. As for the big M, I know it's only bugging you cause most of your friends have either already gotten hitched or are on their way to. All I can say is there is no point in getting hitched just for the sake of it, and it does both of us no good to rush into it if neither of us are ready.

With all that out of the way, I've posted some big puroresu results in the puroresu section, and a puroresu tape review of the killer NOAH Great Voyage 12/24/2000 PPV! It's an incredible show headlined by Jun Akiyama VS Kenta Kobashi in an awesome prelude to their Tokyo Dome showdown years later!
I've also posted a short CD review for the awesome new Killswitch Engage album, "The End of Heartache". So check 'em out!

I know I haven't done a Spoiling the Illusion in a while, but for some reason, I just can't be bothered to moan on about WWE. Benoit & HHH did have a good Iron Man Match this past week though.


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