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Thursday, August 12, 2004

I ain't that old, but I'll take it.

Had a bit of a surprise last night when I found out my good buddy in Kuala Lumpur, TenzanTeam2K, inducted me into his Wrestling Hall of Fame on his blog! All just for being a big wrestling fan? Thanks alot! Nice to know I'm being appreciated for what many would consider "useless information" (in Malaysia anyways), and who knows? They might be right, but we all have our quirks. I'm just a lucky guy he ran into 2 years back who was then picked to get choked out by Chris Benoit live in front of a crowd of Malaysian fans.
He says I'm a puroresu expert, but I don't consider myself an expert. I've only been watching Japanese wrestling for about 2 years now and am just quick to pick up on it due to my love of the sport. Though I would agree with his view that if it came down to it, me and him might be the most wrestling knowledge savy duo in the whole of Malaysia. I KNOW we're definately more intelligent than that suck-up Dwayne at the STAR newspaper is when it comes to the sport, as well as more schooled on recent wrestling history compared to most of the modern day fans in the entire country today.
So TenzanTeam2K, I honorably accept my place in your Wrestling Hall Of Fame. Arigato Gozaimasu!

On to business, I've posted my review of Day 2 of the 2003 New Japan G-1 Climax. I'm gonna take a short break before I continue with the rest of the series. I'll probably continue next week, and spend my weekend watching some DDT and Osaka Pro to review.
And I've got a music video review up for those of you who are interested. "Sunday" by Lo Pro.


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