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Monday, August 30, 2004

Couldn't we just get a 4 day weekend?

Since we normally get the weekend off, and tomorrow is National Day, couldn't the government be so kind as to just give us today off? I'm sure there are many who would agree with me, all the slacker brotherin out there.

Anyways, on to business. I haven't updated my blog much due to all the problems my home PC has been giving me because of "low memory" problems. I've even had to switch to using Mozilla instead of Explorer as my web-browser. I can't blog properly cause simple options like copy & paste just won't work, which makes my puroresu tape reviews hard to post unless I do them directly on the site. Hopefully, I can upgrade the system soon, so for now I'll stick to using the office PC to update the blog.

I was a bit miffed the other day when ASTRO totally censored out an episode of reality show Hollywood's Next Action Star. It was the episode where they cast was supposed to have auditioned for the "love scenes". They basically replayed the pilot audition show to cover it up hoping no one would notice. On the upside, I missed the original airing of the pilot episode and noticed in the replay a quick shot of former WCW wrestler Evan Karagias at the auditions.

On Saturday me and Trish went to watch The Village. Another great movie from M. Night Shyahmalan. I thought it was pretty good, though not really on par with The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable. I wasn't that much into Signs either. This movie did do an admirable job of making sense of everything in the end mixing fantasy with logic.

Yesterday sent out two VCD orders which took me almost all night to finish, but after burning the discs, found out the new NERO 6 program screwed everything up by having all the tracks BACKWARDS! The first track became last and the last became first! Thankfully the guys who ordered them were good sports and didn't complain. I then had lunch with Trish then went home and enjoyed my evening watching the Lord of The Rings special on HBO where they aired The Fellowship of The Ring and The Two Towers back to back.

Anyways, with tomorrow being a national holiday, expect some big posts on the blog. So check back then.


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