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Sunday, September 05, 2004

The Devil made me do it!!!

I have no idea why, but on Friday while I was at work, I was writting out a crew list of workers to be submitted to the company client, under nationality instead of "Malaysian", I kept typing in "Malasyaitan"!!! I don't know why. Maybe the keys on the keyboard were too close together? Or like most serial killers say, "The Devil made me do it!"

On to business, My NOAH Departure Tokyo Dome show tape is finally here! I came in on Friday, but since I was at work all day I couldn't collect it from the post office, I couldn't get it on Saturday either since it was a government holiday! So I can only get it tomorrow! On a positive note, I finally finished watching all three volumes of the 2003 New Japan G-1 Climax tapes! I'll try to get the review up tomorrow for volume 3, which was an awesome semi-finals and finals!

Elsewhere on the blog, I've posted the results of the big AJPW 9/03 show where Kawada defended the Triple Crown against NJPW's Osamu Nishimura. I've also got new game review up for Shell Shock - Nam '76, and a music video review for "Last Train Home" by Lost Prophets. Enjoy!


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