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Friday, September 10, 2004

Western Lariat?

Found me a piece of bull-rope today on my way back from work! Reminds me of the one Stan Hansen used to carry around and whip the audience with during his intros in All Japan Pro Wrestling back in the day. This one's a bit shorter though.

I also received an SMS from Celcom today asking if I'd like to receive special promotions and offers through SMS. HELLO?!? I get enough SPAM on my hotmail address! And pity any fool dumb enough to accept this offer.

Anyways, NOAH's big Nippon Budokan tour closer has come and gone, and I've already posted the results up with some thoughts on the show. Go check it out!

My buddy, TenzanTeam2K also brought it to my attention how King of Colosseum 2 for PS2 still isn't available here yet, but Biohazard: Outbreak File 2 is, despite both games being released on the same day in Japan!
I'm sure it'll get here eventually, but if not, there's always mail-order! The only thing I'm worried about now is that the AJPW and Dragon's Gate tapes I ordered from Japantapes haven't arrived yet, and it usually doesn't take this long. Hopefully it'll arrive soon, or it's gonna be a flashback to my first tape order from Japantapes when they guy had to send 3 copies before I eventually received it, with the other two lost in the mail somewhere.
Let's keep our fingers crossed.


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