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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Weekend ramble

Friday night me and Trish went to check out the movie A Cinderall Story. Yes, there was anything else worth watching. Problem was that not only did they keep us waiting almost a half hour cause they were running late, but when the movie finally kicked up, they played the WRONG MOVIE! Some local made crap. Needless to say I stormed out and immediately asked cineplex staff what the deal was, and others followed my queue out to complain. Of course they finally did play the right movie, and it was kind of a fun flick too.

Yesterday I woke up and as I did my morning stretch, a dynamite pain surged through my leg and I immediately collapsed in agony! Don't know if I pulled a muscle or something, but the pain was so intense I was actually tapping out trying to make it stop! It eventually went away after a few moments, but I still had a limp for the rest of the day. There's still a slight sting right now as I type this.
Last night me and Trish watched the movie Biker Boyz on HBO. Fun movie about black biker gangs.

Anyways, I've posted the results of my first simulated KOC2 shows already. And I've posted some puroresu thoughts relating to NOAH's next tour. I also got a review for the new Slipknot video, "Vermillion" up, check 'em out while I go check out Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle on HBO now.


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