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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Maybe now he'll get some respect?

Found out this morning that comedian Rodney Dangerfield passed away yesterday at the age of 82. If you don't know who he is, he played the part of Nicky's grandfather in the Adam Sandler movie Little Nicky, as well as the classic golf comedy Caddyshack in 1980. He usually also shows up in special guest spots on TV shows and such. He was probably one of the original sarcastic comedians, who's catch phrase was "I don't get no respect". Well, you definately got my respect. Rest in Peace, Rodney.
(For some of his fun jokes, visit www.rodney.com)

On to business, the latest Spoiling the Illusion column for last nights WWE RAW is up. I actually missed the beginning of the show cause I was watching Kenta Kobashi VS Bison Smith for the GHC Heavyweight Title on Z-Channel. According to internet reports, I didn't miss much on RAW anyway.
Also got updates in the KOC page. Check 'em out.


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