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Friday, October 08, 2004

Two Finales and a Revolution

Big night of TV yesterday as I caught the Next Action Star finals followed by the series finale of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

First off, I was relieved that Sean and Corinne were the winners of Next Action Star. Sean definately has the look of a action star, whereas Jared on the other hand looked more like a HAGE star. Given Jared's attitude, he'd be a real pain in the ass for anyone to work with in the movie business.
Corinne was the best female pick cause not only does she look good, but she broke alot of barriers and deserved her spot. She also has no problems roughing it up when nescessary due to her kickboxing training. Jeanne doesn't suite the action star role. Sure she looks good, but not the sort of person I'd like to see in a gun fight.

Next up was the series finale of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and like Angel, they sort of left it with an unanswered ending of where do they go from there. I actually marked out when Angel made his cameo! I also like the storyline twist of Anya and Spike being sacrificed at the end of the show, well, Spike anyway. Anya was just hacked from behind.
Last week was the end of Angel, this was the end of Buffy. Hands down, these were two of the best TV series I'd ever seen. Angel my fav of the two.

I was in a bit of a delema when Buffy was on, because on the satellite TV they were showing the awesome NOAH "Special Selection 2000" show at the same time, which recapped the first few months of Pro Wrestling NOAH. This was just an incredible history lesson and it was just amazing the way they booked their first shows to bring up guys like Kanemaru, Rikioh and Kikuchi to the main event level. And the ever brewing war between Kobashi and Akiyama from when Akiyama choked out both Misawa & Kobashi in successive nights with his front neck lock (now known as the King Crab Hold) to the point they had to be medically resusitated, to Kobashi's monsterous return where he single handedly destroyed both Akiyama & Kanemaru! I found a tape of this glorious show at Highspots.com, and will be getting it next month. The matches may be clipped down, but like I said before, this is a seriously fun history lesson, and I highly recommend anyone who is just getting into NOAH or puroresu to check it out!

I also came accross a very fun Japanese anime on the Japanese satellite channel, Chrono Crusade (or Chrno Crusade in the title). Fun series about the usual Heaven VS Hell battling over earth, with this demon kid Chrono and warrior nun Rosette as the main characters. This is really fun with a good blend of action, comedy and suspense, plus the fact there are alot of nicely drawn females doesn't hurt too :P

And don't forget to catch Bowling for Columbine tonight at 10PM on AXN. Sure it'll clash with Survivor on NTV7, but hey, the choice is yours!


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