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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Beast for dinner

Caught a fun episode of DOTCHI! last night on the Japanese satellite TV channel. For those of you who don't know it, DOTCHI! is a fun Japanese cooking show where everyday they have special celebrities judge two dishes that are being prepared. The majority of judges who vote on the same dish as the winner then gets to sit down and eat the dish while the losers just watch!
Yesterday's special guests were none other than fighters from K-1 Japan! Namely, Bob Sapp, Ernesto Hoost, Rey Sefo, Musashi, the K-1 referee (who brought his yellow & red cards with him!) and another Japanese fighter whom I'm not familiar with, but they kept refferring to him as Ken. There was also another regular celebrity guest, I think he's an actor.
The two dishes that were being contested was Tappenyaki abalone & beef steak VS smoked seafood. Sapp & Hoost were great all night when given the chance to chime in with their opinions, as was Musashi. Sapp's mouth was watering when they fried a 1Kg Tappenyaki beef steak, and got a big reaction from the live audience when he said he'd have no trouble eating a 2Kg steak!
I watch this show on a regular basis when I can, and what they usually do to get the judges to decide which to vote for is they show the WHOLE cooking process, from where the ingredients come from to how it's cooked. Even I had a huge craving for Jap food after watching the firt few episodes of this fun show.
In the end the vote was SIX TO ONE and Tappenyaki steak was the winner! The poor loser that had to sit out the feast was Ken! The show even ended on a real funny note when Hoost, who was sitting on Sapp's left, tapped his right shoulder, Sapp turned to his right and while he was distracted, Hoost swiped a piece of his steak! Great show! I wonder if they ever will have a puroresu special. I know World Japan/ex-NJPW referee Tiger Hattori was on the show once. It's always fun seeing them out of character like this.

The big shill
Here's a rather interesting blog I found by Stevie2K4. It's a puroresu related blog and the guy has an interesting perspective on things. I recommend checking it out.


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