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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

My PC is toast....AGAIN!

Monday morning I made the long solo drive to Bintulu for my NIOSH SHO exam, which would be on Tuesday. It was a long drive, but Joey Ramone's rendition of "What A Wonderful World" got me through. God bless the Ramones! I think I heard that song like fifty times since it's barely three minutes long!

I reached the hotel at about 2PM, and immeditely crashed into bed since I was really tired. Just lay on the bed the whole afternoon watching Discovery Channl till I dozed off. One thing about the room though, I kindly asked the reception to put me in a room near to the elavator since the last time I was there they put me right at the end of the hall. She said it was in the middle of the block this time, so I thought OK. But when I get to the room, it's located next door to the room I was staying in before! What's the friggin' difference??? I just didn't complain since I was too tired and was only staying for a night anyways.

That evening after soaking in the tub, which I always like to do when staying in a hotel, I got a takeaway from a near by KFC, then spent the night doing what revision I could while watching The Shield on AXN as well as some fun stuff on the Discovery Channel.

Tuesday I get up early and head to the NIOSH office on time. Problem is, they announced the exam would commence at 9:00am, but it started at about 9:45am! Needless to say we also finished late. So I had to rush a bit for lunch, then get back to the hotel to check out. And just as I was on my way to pack my bags into the car, I just beat a parking attendant handing out summons to cars parked without coupons! Hah! I avoided the law!

So after a long 4hr drive back from Bintulu, I switch on my PC at home and the damn freeze problem is still there! So I decide to reformat it again, and what happens? The whole thing just croaks on me! I can't even start it up now! Geez.

So I spent the night playing away at Shadow Hearts 2: Covenant on PS2 and found the game gets easier if you remember to upgrade your characters weapons and armour as you progress through the game. Yeah, I'm not big on RPGs, so small details like that escape me.

As for the blog, I've got a new PS2 game review up for Mortal Kombat: Deception, and posted the results for several big puroresu shows that happened over the weekend.


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