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Thursday, October 21, 2004

My House Stinks!

Literally! The other day my mom made some kinda soup for my dad, and it stank to high Heaven! And if that weren't bad enough, the stench is still lingering around the house TWO DAYS later! It's almost enough to make me wanna puke.

And now my home PC is on the fritz again. I have no idea why, but it hangs constantly. You know that sound the PC makes when it boots up? That happens now when I'm in the middle of using it, causing the system to hang. I don't know if it's a virus, and it even hangs up the system when I try to reformat the PC to try and get rid of it! Would appreciate any help if anyone knows what the problem is, hardware related or otherwise. Seriously, I can't even start up the damn thing without it jamming up while the start up screen is on!

Anyways, I've posted up the results for WWE's Taboo Tuesday (or is that Wednesday for us here?) as well as some thoughts on the show.
And after a way overdue delay, I finally have a new puroresu tape review up for the NJPW Cross Road 8/29/02 show, which is highlighted by an EXCELLENT NJPW VS NOAH Jrs series of matches.


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