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Monday, October 18, 2004

It looked good...

Went to watch the movie Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow with Trish on Saturday night. Visually, this was BEAUTIFUL! I just loved the way they filmed it like an old style movie and definately see this picking up a cinematography award or two. Watching this reminded me of old Superman cartoons from the same era.
However, the gripe I do have is that the story was kinda boring! Seriously, it looks good, but the taste leaves something to be desired. It had it's fun moments, and I loved the giant robot invasion at the beginning, but this definately could have been better. Heck, Angelina Jolie doesn't appear until about an hour into the movie, and she gets all of about 15-minutes of air time!

After sending Trish home, I got home in time to catch Saturday Night Live, hosted this week by Snoop Doggy Dog! This was another fun show and Snoop showed some acting talent as he was also plugging the "Soul Plane" movie he acted in recently.

I've seen alot of weird game-shows on the Japanese channel, but the one that I thought was just plain cruel was the 100,000 Yen baby race challenge! Seriously, parents would run their toddlers through obstacle courses in hopes of making a quick buck, and I think it's cruel to do that to their babies, most of which start crying half-way through cause their confused about the situation their in. And if you know me, this is coming from a guy who's not even fond of small kids! Yeah, I'm not a completely heartless guy.

I also caught the finale of the NWA:TNA World X-Cup. I did notice they cut out the Team Japan VS Team Mexico 2nd Round tag match. The ladder match was definately fun, though I do question why Team Japan would send in youngster Taichi Ishikari (who had a bad leg) to take part in the ladder match. I would have sent Ryuji Hijikata.
The Ultimate-X match at the end was just awesome, and I really love watching Hector Garza in action. Watching him makes me almost want to pick up a few AAA tapes! And yes, I would agree that Petey Williams' Canadian Destroyer is the COOLEST finisher I've seen in a long time!

For the blog, I've posted some puroresu news and posted some results in the KOC blog. And there's a new music video review up. Enjoy!


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