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Monday, October 25, 2004

Road Trip!

Friday evening it took me SIX friggin' hours to get my PC running again, after numerous restarts to reformat the system till I finally got through and finished the reformating. Then, I ran Windows Update yesterday and the damn freeze problem started again with a vengeance! Even working in safe mode wasn't safe. So now my theory is that something in the Windows Update file is causing my PC's brain freeze. And after taking three hours this time to reformat my PC, I'm NOT gonna run Windows Update and see what happens.

So now, I got a road trip coming up in the morning (it's 1AM as I type this), as I'll be making a 3+ hour drive to Bintulu to resit for my NIOSH exam. When I get back in two days, it'll be back to work and I'll see if my hunch on whats wrong with my PC is correct.

These past few days have been a bit of a blur. Didn't get to go out with Trish on Saturday night cause she was working, but I did pick her up to send her home. To kill time, I hit the arcades. But I really hate how they replaced the KOF2002 game with hacked versions where you get unlimited supers. Why am I complaining about unlimited supers? Cause the guys I had a hard time beating before have been given a steroid boost! Seriously, thanks to the unlimited supers, they get to pulloff unlimited combos which is totally not fair.

Tonight I went with Trish to watch the Disney flick Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. This was a fun comedy, or chick flick since there were alot of young females who came to watch it also.
Right now, I'm highly anticipating the Jimmy Fallon/Queen Latifah movie, Taxi. Saw the trailer at the cineplex and it looked awesome!

Speaking of Jimmy Fallon, caught him and the rest of the crew on Saturday Night Live again last night. It was the season finale episode hosted by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. The opening segment where they did a mock-prom for the twins since thery were missing their actual prom to host the show was great. And Horatio Sans was hilarious again as usual during the Weekend Update segment, where he more or less botched a line causing Jimmy Fallon to lose his mark! Tina Fey (who I think is a total babe), again did her Arnold Schwarzenegger impression, and she does one of the best Arnold impressions EVER if you've never seen it!
But the show stealer this week was definately the closing number they did where everyone got together and did a Grease montage, and they did one heck of a segment! Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey took centre stage here, though Horatio Sans and Kenan Thompson also had the two most hilarious spots on the segment.
I do wonder about Fallon though, as at the end of the Weekend Update segment he suddenly announced this was his last show, which got a big "Huh?" out of the audience. Dunno if it was a work or a shoot since he and Tina Fey are two of the top people behind the scenes of SNL.

Anywayz again, there were several big puroresu shows in Japan this past weekend, and I'll try to post the results before I depart in the morning. Due to my PC's problems, I'll also have to delay a few of My KOC2 shows. So check back soon.


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