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Sunday, October 31, 2004

End of a hectic week

Well, my home PC is FINALLY fixed and at 100% operational. At least I haven't found any problems. Appearantly the problem was with the power source, so they ripped it out and put in a new one.

So, after I collected my PC on Friday evening, I picked up Trish and we went to watch Resident Evil: Apocalypse. I had high hopes for this after the rather dissapointing first movie. It really worked this time cause they stuck with the plot of the game.

And I don't think there has EVER been a direct game to movie character translation that looked THIS good!
I think the only complaint I do have with the movie was the rather lame ending. I know they had to make it be connectable to the next movie (and this movie grossed enough at the box office to warrant one), But they could have done better than that. Now, if they could only fit in more actual characters from the game...

Since we had already watched a movie on Friday, me and Trish had NOTHING to do last night. Seriously. Shark Tale just started at the cineplex, but it was only showing at 10:45PM, so we thought it ws better to just go next weekend when the crowds die down so it'll be easier to get good seats for the show.
So last night we just came back to my place to watch TV. We caught Barb Wire on Star Movies, and was OK since I had already watched it before (uncensored too :))

This morning I got up early cause I had to rush to finish a VCD order to be sent out. And wouldn't you know after all the delays to get my PC fixed and it's finally done, I finish burning the discs and then find out my printer is out of ink so the covers didn't come out well! Geez. Luckilly the guy I made the VCDs for was a good sport about it.

So now I've spent the rest of the afternoon to this very minute watching the Must Scream TV Halloween Special on STAR WORLD. I missed the first 3 hours, but so far all the Simpsons' Specials are hilarious! And I can't wait for the real life ghost stories later.

So, Happy Halloween you Halloweenies and I'll catch ya later.


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