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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Eye for Art?

I have no idea why, but I came accross this picture in the newspaper this morning and was just captivated by it. This picture is of a Princess Diana lookalike, with a bloody Mercedes logo lodged in her arm (symbolic of how she was killed in an accident). The picture was done by this weirdo photographer, Erwin Olaf, who either gets praised or cursed by critics for his bizzare range of pictures and photos spawned by his wild imagination. The above photo of Diana is from the Royal Blood series of photos, which includes Julius Cesar stabbed in the back, Jackie Kennedy smeared with blood spatter after JFK was shot, and a decapitated Marie-Antoinette.
For some reason this picture of Diana really sticks in my mind, same goes for the Jackie Kennedy picture. Maybe it's something about the way they just stare straight into your eyes?
Some of the shots he takes can be funny, while others are disturbing and graphic. He says he's satisfied with his work if it gets people talking. Is it art or just someone with a sick mind? Click the link and judge for yourself.

On to the blog, posted some stuff in the video games blog and the results for the big NWA:TNA Victory Road PPV in the puroresu blog. Enjoy.


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