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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Wheres Ramon???

Bit of a surprise yesterday when I visited an arcade I don't usually go to, and they had King Of Fighters: Neowave! And no one was playing it either! I quickly bought some tokens and immediately hit the machine, hoping it was better than the dissapointment that was KOF 2003 (which is out on PS2 now btw).
So I insert my token, hit start and decide to assemble my A-Team, when it suddenly hit me that my ace, Ramon, wasn't in the game (he was absent in KOF2K3 too)! That in itself was a big disspointment since they included the Orochi team of Yashiro, Chris and Shermie again. Then again, long time Korean Team leader Kim Kaphwan is missing his first KOF too and the team is instead captained by the returning Jhun.
At least they got rid of the crappy game engine of 2003 and are back to 2002 system, but with a few changes to the gameplay.
I also thought the graphics were a bit dissapointing since they just pasted the characters on to the new backgrounds rather then touching them up abit.
And it's also kinda obvious SNK are running out of boss ideas since (SPOILER ALERT!!!) Geese Howard from Art of Fighting 2 is the boss this time round.
It's still a great game though, and I'll be looking forward for a PS2 version of it, as well as the upcoming KOF'94 Re-Bout game.


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