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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Water World

I managed to skip off work for a while on Friday as there wasn't anyone in the office. Everyone was outstation, or in the case of the company director, he had a golf tournament to attend XP
I decided to take the chance to finally go get my IC upgraded. It took less than 10 minutes to get it done! SO, on my way back to the office, I decided to surprise Trish and get her off work so she could get her's done too. So I dropped by the pharmacy where she worked, approached her boss, and asked if I could take her out of work for a few minutes to get her IC done, which of course surprised both him and Trish! He thought it over and agreed, so we rushed back to the government office to get her IC done, but just as we get there they CLOSE! Dumb luck!
We laughed about how we managed to get her to skimp off work for a few moments on the way back to her office!

That night me and Trish went to watch the 3D animated movie Shark Tale. This was really fun with a lot of big laughs, as is to be expected. As good as this was with all the fancy CG where they made everything as bright and as shiny as possible, I still thought that Finding Nemo was "leagues" above this! Heh, get it? Whatever.

Due to a stupid change in government rules for this week, I had to go to work yesterday morning. Usually we get the first and third Saturdays off, but not this week. Nope, the government thought that since next week is already a public holiday, why not drag everybody to work THIS week? WHO wants two weeks off in a row right? Stupid government. And people wonder why I don't vote.

On to the blog, check out the KOC blog, as I've kicked off my Real World Tag League and the results for the first 3 days are up. Also got a few short video game previews up.


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