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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Giving the great ones their due!

Caught a really great TV special last night on Star World: The Three Stooges 75th Anniversary Special! This special covered the entire career of the Stooges, who was very influencial in much of the comedy that goes on today in film and television, but NOBODY makes movies like those anymore, and can't even come anywhere close to matching the magic the Moe, Larry and a bevy of third partners pulled off. The same could be said for the Malaysian movie scene, cause NOBODY here makes movies as good as the great P.Ramlee did back in his day. Those Senario idiots got NOTHING on him!
Back to the topic at hand, it was great to see all the classic Stooges clips and they even revealed the recipe of your basic Stooges movie at the beginning, which was pretty interesting and you'd have to be really observant to notice it.
The Farrelly Brothers, known for "There's Something About Mary", also announced that they are in the process of making a feature film of the Three Stooges. I can already tell no matter who they get to play those immortal roles, it's not gonna come anywhere near what the originals did back in the day!


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