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Monday, December 13, 2004

Black Monday the 13th

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I get back from work this evening and immediately go check on my dog Spike's condition. He's not at his usually spot at the back of the house where he usually sleeps. I quick run around the premises and I still can't find him. I then take a look at the rock garden, and there he is. I almost broke down right there seeing him laying there motionless, but seemingly at peace with himself. I sucked it up and went in the house to tell my dad the bad news. We spent the next 20-minutes laying Spike to rest in a spot out in the back garden. After the deed was done, we went back in the house and I took a shower where it was there that I finally broke down.

I had just lost a close long time friend.

I honestly can't remember the year we first got Spike, but I do remember the first thing he did with his sister when his then owner gave him to us as a pup was run and hide under the cars! It took them a while, but they finally trusted us enough to come out and explore the rest of the house, as well as get to know us.

We sort of nicknamed him Crash at one point, after the late WWE star Crash Holly. Why? His sister and another dog we had at the time developed a tick infection. It was so bad that the ticks even infiltrated the house! It reached a point that my parents decided to lock up the dogs on one side of the garden that was fenced off. So how did he almost get the name Crash? Remember how they used to call him the "Houdini of Hardcore"? Well, no matter how many times we toss him over the fence into the quarantine area, the little guy would find a way to CLIMB up the the 3ft+ tall fence and escape! No doubt he had a good brain in that melon of his! We finally gave up on trying to lock him in, since he wasn't infected with the fleas as the others were anyway. He was really lucky too, cause unfortunately his sister and the other dog later died of their infections.

Heck. They say animals have a second sense, and I truly believe Spike had this ability too. It's like he could "see the visions" cause he'd bark and then suddenly stop and look blankly into the sky as if he saw something there. I really do wonder if he saw anything, or was it just the flies which he had a bad habit of chasing and trying to bite out of the sky?

I finally ended up calling him Spike cause I noticed after so many years the little guy never grew much. And sorta reminded me of Spike Dudley. So Spike was the name I stuck to calling him. And he did indeed start responding to it. Even this late in the game. I could have actually even named him after the late Big Dick Dudley, cause even though his body was small.....well, you'd get it if you'd ever seen him in person. I hope he's finally getting some tail up there in doggie heaven since he never liked to venture out of the house area eventhough the gates were wide open.

Something thing else I'm really gonna miss about the little guy was the way he always welcomed me back when I came back from work or going out. He'd start yelping something which you could almost make out as him trying to speak. I'd swear sometimes it even sounded like my name he was trying to say, "Ay-Wick!" he'd go!
I've had alot of pet dogs in my time, but Spike will definately have a permanent place in my heart as one of if not my all time favourite and I know I will miss him dearly. I hope you'll be there to meet me in the great beyond when it's my turn to make the journey. Rest in Peace boy.

Spike Dudley Dawg
1994 - 2004


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