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Monday, December 27, 2004


Yesterday I spent the evening with Trish. I actually cooked a simple meal for us consisting of chicken drummets, french fries and onion rings; aka deep fried, fatty, greasy goodness! We then watched the true Japanese ghost story investigation show on the Japanese sat tv channel.

One of the stories actually hit home with me a bit. About this girl and her dog, Muku. Muku was her best friend, and she would always talk to him and even confide in him when she's down or having a bad day. Funny thing is, whenever she would tell Muku about her problems, like having a fight with her friends, things would all the sudden become ok again, like they would suddenly call up to appologize.
And one day when she came home from school, Muku was missing. So she and her friend went around looking for him with no luck. They regrouped at the park and she heard someone call her name. When she approached a group of boys, she found they were standing over Muku, who was really ill. She brought him home, and unfortunately Muku succumbed to his ills.
Funny thing is, the next day at school she thanked the boys for watching over Muku and calling her over. But they insist they didn't call her and didn't even know it was her dog! So to this day, she believes it was Muku that called out to her that day. And even today she says when she's having problems, she just has to talk to Muku and things just seem to be alright again.

I can more or less identify with that since I still miss having Spike around. Like now, usually when my parents go travelling and leave me home alone, I still got Spike to keep me company. Now I truly am all alone at home. And I still have the tendancy to go stand by the door and whistle, hoping he come by like he used to. Yeah, I'm a lame-ass! Even the Extreme has feelings, OK?

Anyways, after watching the show, I had to send Trish home. But the thing is, it was raining really heavilly, and the result was that the road was all flooded! I took one look at it, and backtracked back home. I instead used my mom's Ssang Yong 4WD to send Trish home with since it was taller. There were cars broken down everywhere cause water got into their engines. Guess I made the right decision then.
Thing is, this morning I pop open the newspaper and found out most of the region was hit by several huge tsunamis caused by a huge earthquake in Indonesia which measured a whopping 8.9 on the rector scale! The biggest Earthquake ever in the past 40 years! I feel thankful I talked my parents out of having their XMas vacation in Thailand since it was heavilly hit by the tsunami. So far about 20,000 have been reported either dead or missing. And I thought I had it bad losing Spike at the end of the year.

Got some music video reviews up for you guys to check out. I'm still working on my year end awards, so look out for it soon.


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