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Monday, December 20, 2004

Back to business

Cause I can't sulk and mourn forever.
Five days to Christmas and twelve days to new year.

Ok. So ASTRO started airing ANIMAX last week, and off the bat it looks like they screwed up big time cause they shrank the screen down to have one of those stupid scrolling SMS bars on he side of the screen! To make things worse, we are subjected to the bad english dubbing, but if we change to audio to Japanese language, there are no subs for us to understand what is going on. And the channel still isn't 24hrs either. I can only remember seeing ONE anime the whole day yesterday. The rest of it was crappy filler ads, music videos and locals shows from the RIA channel. A friend of mine told me it's only cause it's still in the testing phase, but it's still a pretty crappy way to introduce a new channel.

Did NTV7 change the schedule for Survivor or something? Last week they said they weren't able to air the episode due to technical difficulties. This week there was no warning at all as they just showed a different show. Sure this season's Survivor is pretty crappy, but you just can't cut people's legs out from under them like that.

Friday night me and Trish had nothing to do cause there weren't any good movies being shown at descent times at the cineplex. We instead just had our usual Friday McD dinner, then went around window shopping.
Saturday, we came back to my place and watched a few South Park episodes from the Season 3 DVD box set I bought in KL, then watched episodes 5 & 6 of this true Japanese ghost stories show on the satellite TV. Is it just me, or does every female ghost in Japan (or Korea even) resemble the one in Ju-On (The Grudge) with the long hair covering their face and the one big eye sticking out?
We also caught a hilarious skit on Saturday Night Live during the commercial break where Horatio Sans sorta botched his lines, almost causing Jimmy Fallon and the special guest, Sean Caine (?) to almost lose it and laugh on set. But when Will Farrell came out and did his part, They just LOST IT! What the SNL guys do is funny, but when they goof-up, it can be even MORE hilarious since it's taped live and there are no re-takes!
Sunday, me and Trish went XMas clothes shopping. It's really damn hard to find clothes that fit me. Eventhough I'm cruiserweight size, that's still too big for most local sizes! I also found it dumb that Malaysia's defenition of XXL means it's longer, and not bigger! Dumb. Never trust anything that says "free size" either. It's just a cheap excuse for lazy manufacturers to not have to make clothes in different sizes. I found some cool BAPE wear and an awesome Wanderlei Silva shirt, but couldn't get them cause they didn't fit :-(

Some good news for a change is that I received e-mail confirmations that my most recent puroresu tape orders from GoldenBoyTapes and Wrestleholicsvideos have just been sent out last week, and I should be receiving them sometime this week, or next week before new year. Keep your eyes peeled to the Puroresu blog cause I'll be posting my year end awards soon.

Anyways, I posted the results of my big King of Colloseum SPIKE MEMORIAL SHOW, as well as some puroresu news. Check it out and enjoy.


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