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Saturday, December 25, 2004

A Merry Christmas Crash!

First off, Merry Christmas Y'All!

Last night, me and Trish got a takeaway dinner from Boulevard and spent the night at home watching TV specials. Really wasn't much going on, but this was the most quiet time we've had together in a long while. We caught Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers on HBO followed by Mr. Deeds on HBO.

Then, at about 5.30AM this morning I was awoken by and incredibly loud crash! I literally jumped out of my bed at the noise, and thought maybe there were burglars in the house and maybe they dropped the big wide screen TV in the living room? I switched on my room light and grabbed my taser (see Al, there is a good use for it!) and took a look outside my door. Nothing wrong with the living room! I switched on all the lights as I checked every room and couldn't find anything out of place, and all the locks and windows were ok too. Then I noticed the storeroom. I switched on the light, opened the door and......found that the cabinet inside had fallen off it's supports and crashed to the floor! That was the cause of the crash, and it's a big mess in there now. Problem also is after discovering that, I was afraid to sleep in my bed cause there is a HUGE shelf above my bed being held up by the same type of supports and I fear it would fall and crush my head! So I caught a few Zs on the couch in my game room.

Christmas Day today and I only visited two houses today with Trish. First was the house of my HAGE boss. Nice small little place, but very FAR away! He's got alot of pets two. 2 dogs, some cats and a snake-head fish! Place was a bit crowded since there were alot of people there, including the higher ups from my company. They all had a big laugh when I told them about the collapsed cabinet in my storeroom this morning. The food was good too since it was partially catered by the Sea Horse Bistro where his wife works.
After that, I went to visit my brother's place. His place is even smaller than my bosses XP Not as good a food spread, but he wasn't expecting much company anyway.

This evening, me and Trish were planning on catching the highly anticipated new Stephen Chow movie, Kung Fu Hustle at the cineplex, but of course it being the holiday season, the shows were all booked full! So we decided to just try again next week (or year) when hype dies down a bit. We had dinner at Pizza Hut, then went around window shopping before sending her home. And now I gotta get some rest myself since I didn't get much sleep after this morning's crash awakening.


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