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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The Year that was...

2004 was a interesting year for me to say the least. All kinds of sh*t went down all throughout the world, some memorable and some I'm sure many would like to forget. Looking back, I thought I'd list down 10 things from 2004 that I probably won't be forgetting for a long while. In no particular order:

1. Tsunami obliterates Aceh
- You just had to know this would be in here somewhere, right? God sure has a funny way of clearing out overpopulation, doesn't he? Seriously, this came to me as one of those things that sound small at first, but then turns into a HUGE thing. Other examples being 9/11 and when that apartment building in KL collapsed a few years back. This is probably the most devastating thing I've seen or heard of since 9/11, and all the images and videos available all over the internet and my satellite TV really hits home how vengeful Mother Nature can be at times.

2. RIP - Spike Dudley Dawg
- My biggest personal lost of the year. Nothing much more I can add here that I haven't already mentioned in his obituary back in December, other than the last happy memory we shared was on the night he started acting sick, and I came back at about 1AM from sending Trish home, he was laying by the car all miserable and stuff. So I decided to play with him a bit to raise his spirits, and he really did respond to my scratching him behind the ears and patting his head like I always do. So much so that he even stood up! It was kinda like he didn't want me to leave, and thinking back, maybe I should have played with him a little longer if I had known how little time he had left in this world.

3. Trish Ng - Best Girlfriend in the World!
- From something sad to something happy :) We've had our ups and downs, but we stuck through it all for another year. Trish, I love you and hope to be with you forever as I can't see myself with anyone else by my side. GAMBATEH!

4. RIP - Dimebag Darrell
- I guy taken from the music scene WAY too early. Like Spike, nothing much I can add that hasn't already been mentioned before other than I regret not getting the Damageplan album sooner. Hope he's rocking the heavens as I type this.

5. Tenzan_Team2K
- I was fortunate to make two trips to KL last year, and on both occasions I managed to meet up with my good buddy, and partner in puroresu crime, Tenzan_Team2K. The first time I was there we merely chatted about the goings on in the scene at the time. My second trip was the best so far however, as we had the chance to go toe-to-toe with each other at King of Colosseum 2! It was probably my best visit to KL ever, and I didn't even spend tons of cash like I usually do. And of course, I can't forget him inducting me into his wrestling Hall of Fame just for being a puroresu fan. One other thing. If he didn't introduce me to blogging, you guys wouldn't be reading this crap in the first place XPXPXP
Thanks, Dude! You Rule!

6. ExtremePuroresu VCDs - Open for business!
- May 22nd, my birthday and the day I officially opened my site for selling Puroresu VCDs and spread the love of puroresu. Everything is now done independantly by myself and though sales haven't been through the roof, I make a good profit every now and then to keep me in stock with new and classic shows.

7. Z-Channel - On and Off
- It was the greatest thing in the world when I managed to finally get the puroresu satellite TV channel back, but the joy was short lived as the signal was soon scrambled! Then, awhile later it would thankfully come back, only to be scrambled AGAIN. This has happened on and off again several times in the past few months. Heck, the channel was scrambled again this morning, but is ok again now!

8. My car gets @$$-F***ed
- Some dumb bitch too small to drive rear ends my car and really spoiled my year end mood way before the Tsunami and Dimebaf shooting incidents. For almost 3 weeks I was forced to hitch a ride with my dad to work, and the guy departs for his office at 6AM and I start at 8AM! Needless to say I had to get up way earlier than I usually do, and had to sit in the office alone way before anyone else showed up!

9. The War in Iraq
- EVERYWHERE you look, something about the war pops up. In the news reporting about daily suicide bombings (sooner or later they are bound to run out of sucker to blow themselves up), on MTV where EVERYONE from Sum41 to Six Feet Under rally against the war (This isn't the 1960s!), Heck, I can't even watch WWE now without those dumbass Arab-Americans Hassan & Daivari wasting my viewing time.

10. November 25th, 2004...
- The day I beat Katamari Damacy, probably the most addictive game I've played in a long time, and Trish was with me to witness the spectacle! OK, so I couldn't think of a good No.10...

So there you have it. Off the top of my head, ten things I probably wont forget for awhile. Now, you can check out two special editions of Spoiling the Illusion in the puroresu blog while I check out CSI New York. Catch ya guys later and have a good year!


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