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Friday, January 07, 2005

From CSI to Werewolves to Osaka Pro!

On Wednesday I caught the CSI: New York preview episode when Horation Kane of CSI: Miami took a trip to New York to catch a killer. Gary Seniece (Loo-tenant Da-yan in Forrest Gump) did a good job portraying his character, though he did seem a little inferior to Horatio Kane. The whole feel of CSI: New York is also darker then the other series and I can't wait for it to start in a few weeks! Hopefully it'll be as good as the original CSI, which the Miami series losing my interest every now and then.

Tonight, me and Trish caught Ginger Snaps 2 at the cineplex. The sequel to the original that came out a few years back. I never saw the original, but I did figure this is a direct sequel since the main character is the sister of the girl in the original and she too is now infected with the werewolf blood, and is desperately trying to find a cure. The movie moved a little slow at times, but the ending was interestingly twisted. I don't think there will be a third movie based on how it ended here, but you never know.

And wouldn't you know, as soon as I get back, I switch on the TV and there playing is an advertisement for the Osaka Wrestling Restaurant movie which will air on NTV7 this Sunday! For those of you who don't know, it's a Hong Kong movie about a restaurant that takes on a pro-wrestling gimmick to try to drum up business, with the characters taking on the gimmicks of Osaka Pro Wrestling characters! But it also should be noted that THE ACTUAL OSAKA PRO WRESTLERS will make an appearance in the film, and I can't wait to catch it this Sunday! All you wrestling fans should check this out too! SO set your clocks!

Still on the subject of Osaka Pro, I've posted up my review of Day 2 of the BAPE STA!! Pro Wrestling event that was cross-promoted by All Japan Pro Wrestling and Osaka Pro, in collaboration with BAPE.
I also posted a music video review by Gene Simmons of KISS fame which I think you should all check out. So here's wishing everyone a safe and fun first weekend of the year!


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