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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Gong Xi Fa Cai, Y'All!

Finally decided to get off my lazy ass and update my blog. I've got five days of downtime and am using it to the fullest.

On Monday night I met up with an old friend of mine which I hadn't seen in a couple of years. We spent most of the evening at Pizza Hut talking about the different paths our lives have taken and how things are going for us now.

On Tuesday, we were only working half-day at the office, or is that not working at all since we just sat around waiting for the bosses to come in and light some good luck fireworks? After the fireworks, we were dismissed, so had the rest of the day off. I picked up Trish and we had lunch before sending her home.
To cap of Chinese New Year eve, me and my parents went to my grandma's place for dinner. After dinner, we stayed around for a bit and chatted while watching some TV before heading home and waiting for the big fireworks war at midnight. Yeah, they are banned, but thank God for smugglers XPXPXP

First day of CNY and I wake up to find out that somehow my dad busted the satelite TV receiver! It's not really busted, but the problem is that the gear that moves the parabola dish is the problem. It became unlodged and now the dish can't pick up any reception. I'm guessing my dad busted it by constantly changing channels like he always does before the dish can settle in place. Now I'm stuck watching all the boring shows on ASTRO that catch my dad's attention when he's not constantly changing channels again.
Anyways, I picked up Trish (who was looking mega hot today) and we went to the RIHGA Royal Hotel where I used to work to catch the lion dance performance there, and check out the improvements to the place since it was bought over by the Marriott hotel chain and will soon be the Miri Marriott Resort in a few months once renovations are complete.
After that, we visited my brother's in-laws house. Hoping to get something to eat, but they had next to NOTHING save for some sushi and the usual assortment of snacks and finger foods. So we capped off a pretty uneventful first day by going to Trish's place. Her parents weren't around, so it was just us and her twin sister and brother, who themselves didn't stick around long before going out for visiting. But at least we had something to eat there.


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