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Monday, February 07, 2005

Here Comes the Money...

Two days to Chinese New Year! I'm too old to get any Ang Pows from my relatives, but I'm still hoping to make some kind of profit off the holidays.

Anyways, on Friday, me and Trish went to watch Himalaya Singh at the Cineplex. The movie started out fun enough. But after the intro where we establish who Himalaya Singh is, it just goes downhill from there when the rest of the cast are introduced. The main complaint being the shameless Mr. Bean character rip-off. It was just sad watching this guy everytime he appeared on the screen that I wish I could puke. I thought Hong Kong movie makers were already above cheap immitations like this? The only part of the movie I really enjoyed was the Two Headed Snake. He (or they?) Rule!
Unfortunately, I still have to rate this as the worst movie I've seen so far this year.

Nothing much going on Saturday either. Sent my parents to the airport as they were taking a pre-CNY vacation to KK. Means I get the weekend to myself. So I spent the evening with Trish as usual and really wasn't much on TV to watch that night either since they stopped that ghost investigation show on the Japanese channel.

Sunday spent the day with Trish again, but again not much doing. We went CNY shopping for new clothes and I got myself some new shirts. As usual the problem I have is finding stuff that fits me cause I'm anything BUT free-size. Only American XL size seems to fit. At least my weight isn't going up anymore and I seem to be stuck at junior heavyweight level.
Trish also bought some boots for herself, as well as some clothes as gifts for her parents. Not a bad day as we got all our CNY shopping out of the way.

On to the blog. I posted some recent puroresu show results up and a new review of the Toryumon X 9/9/04 show. I also got a new music video review up. And keep your eyes open on my VCD site as I'll have a big announcement coming soon.


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