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Thursday, January 27, 2005

TV Talk

While surfing the net out of boredom the past few days, I stumbled on to two interesting sites that discuss and review the latest reality TV shows going on as each episode progress. You know, "reality" shows started by MTV's The Real World a long ways back, and recently began a boom with the hit Survivor series. And now we get all kinds of shows like The Appreantice, The Amazing Race, etc.
Anyways, the two sites had an interesting thing going for them as they criticize what goes on in these shows. With that, I thought I might chime in on what I've been watching recently, not nescessarily reality shows since I don't give much a crap for most of them.

Did I miss something? Cause last week Becker was delayed due to the Golden Globe Awards, but this week's show seemed to skip an episode as they didn't seem to give a closure to the law-suit that was filed against him. Unless the episode from 2 weeks ago that ended with him in jail was the closure to mouthing off at the court and he lost the case, but they decided not to follow up properly? I was really interested to see how it was gonna end too.

And does anyone else watch that "reality" show, The Casino? I wonder if this show is legit, cause at times it seems real with the situations they have to handle in the hotel & casino, but other times I wonder about the authenticity of the show's "realism", like this week when the high-rollers (heavy gamblers) were invited to the casino and suddenly the cameras are on them all the way from the airport to the casino. Even the first episode when the player almost knocked up a cross-dresser, as soon as the guy touched down at the airport, there were camera's on him following him around all over the place. Some of this has to be staged I guess.
But I like this show though. Reminds me of the perils I went through when I was working for a five-star hotel a few years back.

How cool is Zoe Buseck? Loved the show since the debut season and it's still fun to watch. It's kinda like Ally McBeal, only this woman has some meat on her and her life isn't so insecure and delusional. The new boss "M" is also a nice fun addition to cast, and I guess Boston Public is over already if she's here.

It was an old episode, but I love those Drew Carrey Shows where they bring in the cast of Who's Line Is It Anyway?" and mix things up as the show goes along. Really fun watching everyone get caught off-guard and having to pull-off improb on the spot.

Last night was also a very interesting episode of Third Watch, featuring two special guests in Roy Scheider (of Jaws I & II fame) and Method Man! Scheider played a Russian mob leader and Method Man (with a killer goatee!) was a gang-leader of his own looking for revenge on rivals who killed two of his drug runners. The whole story throughout the episode was really good, and I'm seriously wondering whether or not they just killed off one of the main characters towards the end of the show? Have to tune in next week to find out.

I just might consider doing more TV talk posts like these since I won't really have much to blog about lately. Oh yeah, you can visit the two sites I mentioned HERE and HERE.


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