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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Hidden Treasure and Unveiled Ghosts

On Friday night, Me and Trish went to watch the Nicholas Cage movie, National Treasure. This was really good, and Cage's character, Ben Gates was probably one of the most intelligent characters I've ever seen since Gil Grissom in CSI! This was a great movie, and highly recommend you check it out if you haven't yet.
Here's a bit of movie trivia for ya, former UFC fighter Oleg Tektarov had a role in the movie as one of the heel henchmen! And he didn't die in the movie either!

On Saturday night, Me and Trish got us a takeaway pizza from Pizza Heaven and came home to watch TV together again. We caught Vol.2 of When Good Pets Go Bad on ASTRO, followed by a new ghost investigation show on the Jap Sat TV channel. The ghost investigation show was really good compared to last week's since many of the investigations used ACTUAL TAPED FOOTAGE of ghost sightings! In some places, the investigation team even caught on the spot polaroids of ghosts, like a face in the water at a waterfall where this guy drowned trying to save his daughter, and they even recorded voices when they spent the night at a haunted lake.
But the high point was definately the video taped footage by civilians who were at the right place at the right time. The most memorable being this guy filming his family at a bridge, when suddenly a woman calls his name. He turns, but no one is there! When the investigation team examines the tape, they zoomed in on a patch of forrest where he turned to, and found the face of a women in the bushes! Legend is that a crazy woman comitted suicide in those woods a long time back, but how she would know the guy's name (the voice was caught on the tape!) is something no one can figure out! This one ranks as one of the freakiest things I've seen in awhile.
Some other stories: Guy filming a house on fire from his apartment in 1989, when suddenly for a split second a face in agony appears on the screen.
Video of a wedding reception and suddenly a transparent hand floats accross the back of a party guest.
A security camera at a railway crossing catches a pair of legs, JUST THE LEGS, walking up to the crossing before a train passes by.
A recording of a medical operation sees the silhouette of a girl behind the surgeon on a wall as he turns away.
And there was even some live stuff recorded by the crew themselves as they were investigation some haunted places around Japan. Like live recordings of voices at a haunted lake, and one of the mediums they brought along was possesed by a spirit and couldn't speak until one of the other more powerful mediums literally yanked the spirit out of her!
They even trecked all the way into a dense forrest to find a TWO-HUNDRED YEAR OLD HOUSE in the middle of NOWHERE, and recorded loads of spirit orb activity! They even heard noises in the forrest and took a random polaroid, only to reveal what looked like a floating lantern in the picture!
Great stuff, and I hope next week's episode will be as good if the channel hasn't been scrambled by then.

Right now, my CD-Writer is giving me problems again. My CD-RW disc that came with it no longer works cause I dropped it and a bit got chipped off. Trying to look for a new one now, but every CD-RW I've tried so far keeps getting a "Unrecognised format" message, whether I used a fast or slow speed CD-RW. Gonna have to try re-install my NERO program later to see if that's the problem.

Anyways, check the rest of the blog for updates in the puroresu & KOC2 blog. Hope to have a new tape & music video review up soon also.


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