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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Weekend stuff

She's Elektric?
Friday night me and Trish went to catch the new Marvel comic based movie Elektra, starring Jenniffer Garner of ALIAS fame. A spin-off of the DareDevil movie, there were two things I was NOT expecting going into the movie: 1) Bob Sapp has a role as Stone, one of the enemies, and 2) After showing some bad-ass Beast moves like his real-life personality, he gets killed by an act of stupidity XP
I wasn't expecting much of the movie, which was lucky, cause EVERYTIME I looked at "Elektra", all I saw was ALIAS! Trish was even wondering how many layers of padding they used to make her boobs look remotely big compared to her real self. The only thing I found interesting in the movie was definately the heel gang. I never saw Catwoman, but it's a safe bet this is probably better.
I might have missed it, but I also didn't see Stan Lee make his trademark appearance like he does in all the modern day Marvel based movies.
The overall story is also what you'd expect: bad-ass loner hero who suddenly softens up due to meeting somebody mixed in with heavy special effects laden fight scenes. Worth a watch, but don't expect too much. Hopefully the one-shot Wolverine movie won't be this generic.

Big Screen Gaming
I was surprised yesterday to find my parents had bought a new big-ass, wide-screen TV for the living room! SO, the old big screen TV (smaller than the new one) was moved to my gaming room and I now play PS2 in big screen goodness! There's nothing like watching games like KOC on the big screen where everything is crisp and clear. Problem is, I'm likely to go blind since the screen is so big and there's not enough room to sit a safe distance away from the screen XPXPXP
Gonna have to get one of those screen filters to protect myself from joining the four-eyes club (no offense to anyone out there).


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