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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Beach Break!

Well, not really. I brought Trish to Pathlab for her annual blood test this morning, and after that we had lunch at Akira at Imperial Mall. And after that we went to Tanjong Beach near her place to check out the jeti they built there. There were some people fishing there too, and we were lucky enough so see someone catch a big ass stingray! Lucky bugger!IF it were me who caught it, I'd immediately rush it to my friend's aquarium so we could keep it alive, and probably sell it for a big profit too as I can't remember any aquirium selling a stingray any bigger than a teacup plate. This one was as big as a car tyre!

As for the rest of the week, Wednesday watched another very good episode of CSI. Miami still can't compare to the originals! Still on the subject of TV, I'm rather dissapointed none of the local stations are airing Survivor 10. I guess it's because the total lack of interest in the last season, which stands as one of the worst ever. But I thought it was really crappy of NTV7, or TV8 even who have a knack for showing new shows, to just give up on it.

Friday night me and Trish (and her twin sister Sharon) went to watch Racing Stripes at the Star Cineplex. A fun movie about a zebra who becomes a race horse. Alot of funny stuff in this one, including tons of celebrity voices that were done well and matched their characters. Predictable ending, but a feel good movie worth watching none the less.

I notice Saturday nights are getting really boring nowadays for me and Trish. Last night we went to XO for Chicken Cordon Blue, and bad service resulted in us waiting almost half an hour for our food! It was totally unfair how people who came after us were getting their food before us. Don't think we'll be going there to eat anymore.
So after a less than satisfying dinner, we came back to my place and watched TV as usual. We saw World's Worst Drivers Caught on Tape 3, followed by Dog The Bounty Hunter and Cops. And we capped off the evening watching this bizzare chinese program on the satelite TV with this sorry excuse of a host cracking cheap ass jokes that were anything but funny. The only reason we watched was cause they were showing a lot of interesting clips and pictures of things that were strange and bizzare.


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