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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Sick as a Dawg

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The past few days have not been kind to me health-wise. It started on Tuesday when my cold got worse and I had to take a sick day from work. On Wednesday it wasn't any better I had to MC altogether. This morning I was feeling better after taking some anti-biotics and medicines supplied to me by Trish since she works in a pharmacy.
But after being exposed to the office air-conditioning, my cold came back ten-fold! Not only was my nose all clogged up, but I had practically lost my voice! So with permission from my HAGE boss, I once again took a sick day to rest at home again.
Right now, my voice is better, but the cold is still there, as well as the slight feeling of light-headedness. Hopefully I can get well soon, or this'll really mess up my weekend plans with Trish.

Well, I guess the only good news I have right now is that the Jap satellite TV channel started showin Power Office Girls, one of my fav shows that they used to show on TV3. And it's starting at Season 1 too! At least there's something to watch now after a dry spell of boring similar shows on the channel. Even the animes they show suck now btw.


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