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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Bit O' Torrent

I've had the progam for a long while now, but I only recently started using and enjoying the benefits of Bitorrent programs to download movies from the internet. In the past two days alone I've downloaded some INCREDIBLE stuff that I'd usually have to pay big bucks for just to get this quickly XD
Anyways, not much happening over the weekend. My parents were outstation on Friday, so Me and Trish came home for the evening where she was introduced to Geanie. Weird thing about the dog, welcomed Trish on the way in, but barked at her on the way out. Heh.
Anyways, the evening was pretty uneventful as we just sat around watching Power Office Girls and whatever else was on TV. And last night wasn't any different either. Other than I had fast food for the first time in two weeks and I hadn't even fully recovered from my poor health yet, so needless to say, the combination of fried food and carbonated drinks resulted in my sore-throat and bad cough coming back with a vengeance. But it was worth it :)


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